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Welcome to the Bipolaroid Photo Blog

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

A quick intro to what I am all about and what will be shared through my posts. Join me on my journey to find the catharsis that led to my love for photography and improved my mental health.

What is this all about? Why should you stick around?

Simply put, there are two things that I am very passionate about; photography and learning. As for why you should stick around, you shouldn't. If it takes me convincing you of the benefits of spending your time reading my waffling, I am just another marketer trying to hook you into my product. I am not. This is not my job; it is a passion I want to share in the hope that it grows to a point where we can learn together, have trips and workshops and get to know more people who share the passion for capturing moments and taking care of their mental health.

I am going to try my best to keep each post brief, but I can't promise anything; I do tend to waffle in my writing, so I am hoping that blogging helps me hone my writing skills for my PhD that I am busy with.

Back to photography...I picked up a camera in about April 2022 following a bipolar diagnosis. I found photography and being outdoors calming, cathartic and therapeutic. Landscape and nature photography soon took over. I now go out on hikes and adventures as often as I can. I have learned to notice things in the world that I never before knew were there, even though they have been. I have learned to slow my racing mind. An added bonus during all of this...I have captured some great images too.

This blog is for anyone who wants to experience what I have and do. I want to tell you about everything I have learned and to learn from you, whether it's to do with mental health or photography.

I have considerably improved my photography skills in just over a year and want to share my learnings in the hope that it aids you in your journey.

Chat again soon!

By for now🙂...Neo, your bipolaroid photographer

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