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The Story 

I was always technically minded. By 2023 I was a Professionally Registered Mechanical Engineer (Pr Eng) with over a decade of experience in industrial projects, design and maintenance. However, there was another side to me that is not very typical of left-brain dominant people. I was equally reliant on my right-brain-driven strengths. Client relations, presentations and creative ideas came easily to me, more so than most of my colleagues. I would easily bore with analytical designing within short periods. Then I learned why. One day, when I saw the growth of a person I had mentored, the hairs on my arm stood up. Technical engineering never excited me like that. I was meant for more.

And thus EVOLVE; The Neo-Mentorship Space, was born. 

I still felt that there was more I could bring, but I had not quite figured out how. Then, one day, I realised that I needed to fuse my passion for the arts with my technical experience. I had worked with marketers in the past; all of whom were great at selling but did not understand the product (engineering services and products) and could not put themselves in the shoes of their clients or the market they were trying to attract. On the other hand, I have worked with many brilliant engineers, some decades more experienced than I, but none possessed the flair for creativity and communication that great marketers have. 

Hence EVOLVE; The Neo-Mentorship Space evolved into CreativeAnalytic. A space where the analytical mind and creative mind intertwine to produce content and solutions that use modern online marketing tools and that simultaneously originate from the lived technical experience of an industry professional. We are able to curate solutions aimed at technical people because we are technical people, but in a way that creatives are particularly skilled in doing, thus appealing and captivating audiences.

- Neo Pillay (Pr Eng), Founder of CreativeAnalytic (Pty) Ltd.

Wavy Surface

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Wavy Surface

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