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Along the Shorline

Along the Shorline


This panorama of a lone tern gliding along the shore was shot in St. Lucia, KZN, South Africa, in September 2023. 


Personally, I prefer the panorama in this case, but the choice is yours. 


Shooting: Single shot, handheld



SKU: 2023_09_001

    Please use a reputable printing service provider who can accurately recreate the carefully edited colours, lights and shadows that I have put hours into balance in this image. Everything from the paper type to the printer profiles and colour management makes a huge difference. 


    Unfortunately, no refunds or returns will be made. Being digital, there are no inherent defects that could occur. As this is art and art is very subjective, the images are reflective of my personal interpretation and style. I thus do not do alterations to edits. 

    NB: Images are edited on a calibrated monitor. Monitors are backlit, whereas prints absorb/reflect light from the environment. Therefore, what you see in print can differ from what you see on screen, but a good printer will edit in accordance with their printer profiles and paper type to most accurately reproduce what is on screen.


    All sales are for digital images in JPEG format only unless special arrangements are discussed. Upon completion of payment for the digital file, a download link will be sent to your email. 

    Depending on the desired resolution, the file size may be quite large. 


    I treat my photography as art, and like any good painter, I am proud to put my name on my work.

    You will notice that I do not watermark my posted images. Those who want to steal, will, and can easily remove it in Photoshop anyway.

    I would appreciate being credited for my work though so in lieu of me being able to meet you and sign the print in person,  a small digital signature/watermark will appear in the bottom right corner of the frame. 


    Please confirm at the time of order placement.

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