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I have never been one to follow the crowd. My mind always says, 'Be abnormal. Be different. Go against the grain.' This is the approach I have taken toward my art. Every artist puts their own unique flavour into their work. That is what my photography is for. Not to snap many shots of the ordinary or the expected, but to capture the moments in time that stir something inside.

It is not my ability to use a camera, lighting and editing that is of value, for there are innumerable photographers in the world who offer just that. It is my ability to see moments as they happen, and capture them in a way that takes you back to the feeling of that moment. 


Fine Art & Special Moments

Bespoke, fine-art style portraiture and freezing of moments in time, to preserve them for eternity

These are your precious moments, captured through Neo's artistic vision.



A collection of my works in landscape, nature, and monochrome photography

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Professional Content Creation

It is the unfortunate state of society that dictates that in order to be able to spend time on one's art and expression, one must also use their skills to conform to the needs of society. 

Through CreativeAnalytic, I have found the best way to fuse over a decade of engineering experience with a natural talent for creative content creation.

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